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Airbuspics news: Zest Air MA-60 emergency over Caticlan cancels 32 flights to caticlan, Flight 863's nose touches runway due to emergency, the Plane with 55 passengers and 4 crew had survived, There were no dead. 

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Airbuspics news: Another Zest Air MA-60 had emergency from the Registration of RP-C8993,RP-C8993 unlike RP-C8992 Zest Airways Flight 865 and Zest Airways Flight 863 are not the same, cause of their Tail numbers, Flight numbers Date and Runway.

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Happy new year to Everyone!
I't sure is a great year, Thanks 2012 and Hello, 2013. New year sure is very fun., Thanks to the Lord, In DoomsDay nothing happened, The end of the world was not True, The sayer of the End of the World was in China, He was caught and went to jail. Many people were worried about December 21, 2012, Thanks also for looking at the meteors falling to earth at 10-12PM at the Month of December, Thanks much!
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